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Bhagat Jauindo | Ayurvedic Medicine For Jaundice | Fast-Acting Jaundice Relief

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📦 Weight: 25g 
📏 Dimensions(LxBxH): 2x2x1.3 (inches)
🟡 Jaundice is a condition that causes yellowing of the skin and eyes.
🧪 It is caused by an excess of bilirubin, a waste product produced during the breakdown of red blood cells.
💊 Ayurvedic medicines like Bhagat Jauindo can be beneficial in treating jaundice.
🍴 Eating a healthy diet can also help support liver function during recovery.
🚫 It's important to avoid alcohol, fatty or fried foods, and other substances that can further damage the liver.
🤢 Symptoms of jaundice can include fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, and dark urine.
🏥 Severe cases of jaundice may require medical treatment such as hospitalization or surgery.
🌿 Ayurvedic remedies can be used in combination with conventional medical treatment to support the body's natural healing processes.
🙏 It's important to consult a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner or medical professional before using any other Ayurvedic medicine for jaundice.
💪 With proper treatment and care, most cases of jaundice can be successfully treated and recovery can be achieved.

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How to use:-

Mix 5g of powder with water and after 4 hrs filter the water and inhale it from the nose. After some time patient will start secreting yellow fluid for approximately 8-10 hrs. This medicine should only be taken once or as directed by the physician.


📋 Follow recommended dosage and usage instructions:
🚫 Do not exceed recommended dosage: 
🙅‍♂️ Keep out of reach of children: 
🌡️ Store in a cool, dry place: 
🔬 Avoid self-diagnosis and self-treatment: 
❗️ Be aware of potential allergies or interactions: 
🩺 Inform your healthcare provider of any existing medical conditions or medications: 
😣 Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur: 
🤱 Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding without medical advice: 
🥗 Follow a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle: 
📈 Monitor liver function regularly if using long-term: 
😷 Seek medical attention if symptoms worsen or persist: 
📦 Keep the packaging intact and check for expiry date:


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Bhagat Kid Care

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 Opp. Panchayti Dharamshala, Hansi, Haryana, India, 125033
  • Started from: Mar 29, 2024

Bhagat Jauindo Ayurvedic Medicine is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine used for treating jaundice.

The active ingredients in Bhagat Jauindo Ayurvedic Medicine are believed to help improve liver function, stimulate bile production, and reduce inflammation.

Bhagat Jauindo Ayurvedic Medicine is typically taken orally in the form of powder.

The recommended dosage and frequency of use may vary depending on the severity of the jaundice and other individual factors.

Yes, Bhagat Jauindo Ayurvedic Medicine is generally considered safe. when you used only bhagat jauindo medicine.

The time it takes for Bhagat Jauindo Ayurvedic Medicine to work may vary depending on the individual and the severity of their jaundice.

Bhagat Jauindo Ayurvedic Medicine is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Bhagat Jauindo Ayurvedic Medicine is not known to be addictive

There may be interactions between Bhagat Jauindo Ayurvedic Medicine and other medications. It is important to discuss any existing medical conditions or medications with a healthcare professional before using this or any other supplement.

The duration of the treatment may vary depending on the severity of the condition and other factors. It is important to follow the recommended dosage and consult with a healthcare professional if symptoms persist.

Bhagat Jauindo Ayurvedic Medicine is available for purchase at Ayurvedic pharmacies or online stores like www.bhagatkidcare.com for orignal product.

A: Bhagat jauindo is available at various pharmacies and online stores like www.bhagatkidcare.com

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